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RedGiant A03 Ossicle | Supernova in the Making


In conclusion, I can only say that the A03 Ossicle from RedGiant is one of the most unique in-ears I’ve come across in recent years. It has a fashion-forward, futuristic design, and customs-like instrumental separation, but is tuned for fun, extraterrestrial listening. For such a young company, RedGiant has certainly gotten off to a great and interesting start.

I had initially been kind of iffy about them at first because they were indeed a bit hard to deal with in terms of fit, but after climbing the learning curve and getting used to the presentation, the A03 simply blew me away. It is a grand-sounding earphone that throws out a soundstage wider than any in-ear I’ve ever heard, and is simply exceedingly fun — no ifs, ands, or buts about it.

Yes, the front-back imaging of the soundstage still needs some work, the bass can be a little billowy at times and ever so slightly lacking in texture; they over-engineered the included tips (to their detriment, unfortunately), the isolation is lacking for a closed system, the otherwise excellent timbre sometimes has a plastic resonance, and certain microdetails are tuned away (not all, certain ones are surprisingly kept), but my goodness! The kind of proficiency I’ve heard from them is just out-of-this-world astounding — and from a fledgling company no less! And here I thought they were just simply going to be slightly better than the Beats by Dre line!

The RedGiant A03 Ossicle has all of the grandeur of a massive celestial sphere in the vast expanse of space — a quality I’m sure RedGiant was going for when they designed this flagship product — at $149, it makes for an affordable and enjoyable secondary plaything for music and sound aficionados everywhere. People who demand accuracy when listening to music will undoubtedly also require a more grounded, primary/daily IEM, but for casual listeners that can get along with the fit, the A03 Ossicle is near unparalleled in its ability to launch you into the heart of the music.


  • Class-Leading Soundstage Width and Separation
  • Airy Vocals, Accompanied By Smooth, Pleasant Highs
  • Dual Dynamic Coils Bring the Bass When It is Warranted
  • Cool, Futuristic Design


  • Fit is Literally Not for Everyone; Requires a Sizable Learning Curve to Fit
  • Soundstage Depth is Lacking
  • Sub-Par Isolation for a Closed System
  • Requires Higher Volumes and/or an Amplifier to Come Alive

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Redux of my original review, posted on, on 2012/04/05
I’d like to show my appreciation for the folks over at RedGiant — Rob, Joe, and Ann, for being so open and accessible. Joe and Ann actually sat down with me for over an hour and a half going through their company philosophy and detailing their earphone designs. I’ve had a blast corresponding with all three of them, and they certainly showed me they weren’t merely space cadets! I’d also like to thank Jason Lai at JM-Plus Electronics for providing Comply tips to me for no good reason at all! Thanks for being a swell guy, Jason!


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