News Feed: Monster’s Place in the Industry

Say what you want about Monster Products and the Beats Electronics brand they helped develop, but there is no denying that they revolutionized the headphone industry by making it acceptable for people to spend upwards of $300 on personal audio products. Not only that, they created the impetus for headphone brands to pay attention to design and fashion, two aspects that had never shown up substantially in headphone products before. Along with Dre and the marketing might of Interscope, they opened up a market in a way that audiophile favorites like Sennheiser and AKG never could despite all their technical prowess.

Sam Biddle of Gizmodo came out with an article about the inside story on the partnership between Monster and Interscope Records during the creation of the Beats by Dre brand:

Jude and Head-Fi TV also recently released an interview with head monster Noel Lee about Monster’s upcoming products; while Monster is clearly not a brand with purely hi-fi aspirations, they’re never a brand to be overlooked, even if they tout a sound signature that doesn’t fit that of audiophiles:

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