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Serendipity: earmo

earmo is cool. earmo is colorful. I want me some earmo!

Is that earmo or earmoo? (Image Credit:

According to, earmo is a Japanese company based out of Kawaguchi in Saitama Prefecture; it’s apparently an offshoot of Harmony Hearing Aids, run by an ex-TDK engineer.

The earmo sound is apparently big and bold (fitting, considering their color palette), with four different models, a dynamic driver entry-model, a single BA driver model (interestingly equipped with a CI driver), dual-driver model, and a four-driver model.

Prices are reasonable, ranging from ¥25,200 to ¥56,700 (approximately $270 to $606 USD), as earmo aims to be an affordable customs company, but it doesn’t matter if the company isn’t going to sell overseas.

I want dairy cows in my ears too! *fingers crossed*



  1. Hello Tomscy, this is Mimouille from Headfi. I just love your site, in design as well as content. These earmo(o) look just awesome. That is some crazy design. Hope to hear more from them. Keep up the great work.


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