News Feed: Germany’s Compact Monitors Splitting into Two Companies

Today’s News Feed has been replaced with gossip. Heh.

If you’ve stopped by Compact Monitorswebsite these days, you’ll notice that the website that used to feature all of their products and news is now defunct, and is replaced with the following announcement:

Dear Visitor,

The company Compact Monitors was divided and the two owners Felix Reinsch and Marcel Schoenen from now on are featured in the in-ear market by two different companies.

In case of any service request or warranty claim for Compact Monitors in-ears, of course both successor companies are equally responsible, and still provide the best and trustiest service.

The custom in-ears of both successor companies are still called “Stage Series“, as well as the properties of sound and technical components of these products stay the same with both companies.

In addition to that, the high standard of production, the personal and individual consulting, and the first class service are maintained as vital ingredient of our philosophy.

Here you’ll find the homepages of the two new companies:

While I’m not sure any company going splitsville is ever a great thing, it’s certainly interesting that, while Compact Monitors is now gone and replaced with two different companies, both Rhines Customs and Vision Ears will be offering the exact same products. Compact Monitors‘ products have always been a topic of intrigue for the enthusiast community — they seem well-regarded amongst German musicians and Compact Monitors seemed to keep a sizable list of touring clients.

Now, they have different names, different logos, and different addresses (they’re both still in Cologne, located just across town from each other) — but they still do the exact same thing and service all the same clients? I can’t tell whether this is an amicable divorce or not. Since I’d rather not risk CYMBACAVUM turning into the in-ear arm of TMZ, I shall stop here. Y’all make your own conclusions.

With that being said, while Rhines Customs seems to retain the format of the old Compact Monitors site (it looks identical, just with different logos affixed), Vision Ears looks to be a completely new website (and without an English-language version of the site).

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