News Feed: CustomArt Remolds the ACS T1

Peter Granicki’s Polish audio upstart CustomArt has done something awesome —
a remold of the ACS T1.

Unlike acrylic CIEMs, silicone CIEMs are usually not remolded because the drivers and circuitry of silicone-steeped IEMs are difficult to remove and reassemble. Like a good audio daredevil, however, Peter decided to fulfill a client’s wishes and went ahead and remolded an old T1.

Pictures of the T1 pre- and post- remold are up on CustomArt’s Facebook page. (click here to view the gallery)

I’m told that the remold process for this T1 was extremely labor-intensive, so CustomArt will only be doing silicone-to-silicone remolds on a case-by-base basis in the future (for ~$200 USD, artwork/engraving and shipping excluded), but it’s certainly something to look out for. If anyone really needs to remold their old silicone CIEMs, you may want to look into them — as afar as I know, they’re the only company in the world that even considers providing such a service.

I’m also told that they’ll be offering their own monitors (tuned in-house) pretty soon — they’re undergoing undergoing measurement testing at the moment.

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