News Feed: Final Audio Design Releases the Heaven V

In an effort to streamline its products, Final Audio Design has released a new model in its Heaven lineup, utilizing the same barrel-like housing as the Heaven IV and Heaven VI.

Final Audio Design Heaven V

At a retail price of 27,800 円 (~$290 USD, at current conversion rates), the Heaven V is the midrange model of FAD’s Heaven lineup and slots between the upscale Heaven VI and the lower-end Heaven IV. It also sports a unique matte finish to its brass barrel.

They’re also offering another “aging” variant of the Heaven V, which seems to evolve the brass into an unique texture after approximately three months of use. I really like this “fine wine” concept — very cool stuff. Then again, I am a little bit of a FAD fanboy…

The “aging” version will set Japanese buyers back a little more, at 32,800 円
(~$342 USD, at current conversion rates).

No real specifics on how they sound different from the Heaven VI or the Heaven IV, however.

People proficient with Japanese can head on over to e-earphone’s blog site to learn more about local insights on the new Heaven V. They’re also selling the Heaven V and the Heaven V “aging” at a slightly discounted price.

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