Rhapsodio RDB+ 2V1 | Straight-Laced Little Brother

Editor’s Note: AnakChan takes a look at the RDB+ 2V1 from Hong Kong’s Rhapsodio…

UPDATE: Rhapsodio released the frequency response curve of the RDB+ 2V1 (measured at Knowles Electronics); you can view the graph exclusively on CYMBACAVUM’s Facebook page here.

The RDB+ 2V1 paired with the Red Wine Audio Astell&Kern RWAK100

The Rhapsodio RDB+ 2v1 (formerly known as RDP+ v2) is the baby brother of the RDB+ v1.

It’s still a 2xBA & 1xDD but instead of a 10mm driver that the older brother has, it sports an 8mm driver instead. As such, the overall shell of the RDB+ 2v1 is smaller. In addition, the sound of the RDB+ 2v1 isn’t necessarily a successor to the RDB+ v1. Talking to the makers, I found out that the RDB+ 2v1 is meant to have a more accurate sound signature, a goal I feel they have achieved.

Design & Ergonomics

Connectors are UE-style.

As can be seen, this isn’t a very big IEM. When used with Ortofon tips, it fits snugly and comfortably in my ears and doesn’t protrude that much. Even with movement from walking or head motion, the IEM sits in place in the ear. Unlike the RDB+ v1, the bass port is placed next to the cable socket instead. At least for my ears, the port doesn’t get blocked.

However, the IEM is susceptible to wind noise — especially in a tunnel situation (subway exits, etc.). On normal days, though, isolation is decent. I can hear external ambient noise, though it is easily ignored and not distracting when music starts playing.

Note that the bass port is located right next to the pin connector.

The construction material is the same as other IEMs and seems durable; even so, more recently, it seems to have been revised with an even more robust shell. Note also that the groove in the nozzle seems to hold onto tips reasonably well. Having said that, however, my Ortofon tip fell off twice early on but haven’t fallen out recently.


The RDB+ 2v1 is an easy-to-drive IEM, easily driven by an iPhone or any other mobile device. While it doesn’t require an external amp, one still can be used to suit listener preferences. Although not particularly sensitive to hiss, it is sensitive to poorly-mastered recordings however not necessarily sensitive especially with live recordings. However, I’ve not encountered any issues with poorly-ripped tracks.

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