Forza AudioWorks’ Copper Series IEM Cable

Editor’s Note: The Forza AudioWorks Copper Series IEM cable is to be included as part of our upcoming multi-cable roundup, featuring an array of cables from ALO Audio, BTG-Audio, CustomArt, Moon Audio, Null Audio, plusSound Audio, Rhapsodio, and more. The roundup will feature full impressions on the build, ergonomics, and sonics of the FAW Copper Series IEM cable, along with all the other cables. This level is only a short preview, as Mr. T came off very impressed with the high level of build, the definite aesthetic direction, and personable customer service of Forza AudioWorks.

Overall, a very impressive cable from a very impressive company.
Overall, a very impressive cable from a very impressive company.

I can only say that Forza AudioWorks has been one of the most impressive cable companies I’ve come across when it comes to style, execution, and quality. I’d only intended on snapping some pictures before passing the cable off to my associates for review, but FAW has done such a nice job with this cable that I just had to write a few words about it. We’ve featured Polish products on CYMBACAVUM before, starting with CustomArt cables. Forza joins its compatriot in the annals of CYMBACAVUM as a company with impeccable style and class. The founder of FAW, Matt, wanted to “show the world true Polish quality” and I definitely believe that he’s succeeded!

The cables are shipped in a cardboard box, and while it’s not the most protective thing in the world, cables don’t need much protection. Overall, the environmentally-friendly packaging is fairly tasteful, with a dash of Pottery Barn to its feel. There’s even an included cotton drawstring bag to top off the packaging — completely unnecessary — but this is the type of attention to detail that sets Forza apart.

The cable itself is 60-strand count, 24 AWG OCC Copper sleeved in PE. It looks and feels great. There’s a matte finish to the PE sleeving, and very little by way of microphonics, especially for a cable that’s braided in this gauge of wire.

Impeccable presentation.
Impeccable presentation.

The pin connectors are of the right-angle style that are slowly being adopted by cable builders around the globe, from Tralucent Audio to CustomArt. FAW joins them as one of the few to readily use them in their products. I love these right-angle connectors — they look great, are very sturdy, and preserve a tight profile. The Copper Series IEM cable actually is available with several different connectors; this unit for CYMBACAVUM has the Westone-compatible connector. The one thing about these connectors is that the pins are closer to 0.75mm in diameter as opposed to 0.78mm, making them slightly loose when fitted to my Heir Audio 4.A. However, most aftermarket pins fit loosely with the 4.A; only the plusSound Audio Exo cable (reviewed here), which uses the base of the near-ubiquitous “UE” printed metal barrel connectors, provides a perfect 0.78mm fit. Even the the overmolded Sunrise cable from BTG-Audio fits slightly loose with the 4.A. The truth of the matter is that two-pin connectors are actually relatively short on shelf life and were never actually intended for multiple replacements in the way that audiophiles like to do with their earphones. Rest assured, our writers will try their best to be careful with this aspect of “cable rolling”.

Even the warranty card looks nice.
Even the warranty card looks nice. It’s a rare sight to see a company pay this much attention to detail to every aspect of their presentation.

Is Forza AudioWorks the most affordable way to get into OCC copper? No. Offerings from plusSound Audio and Headphone Lounge are arguably more affordable, starting at around $75, but at a glance, they don’t seem to match the meticulous care and build of FAW. Folks in the EU will be happy about FAW, though.

A more definitive assessment of all these cables and more, including cables from industry juggernauts like ALO Audio and Moon Audio, as well as more independent manufacturers like Null Audio and Rhapsodio, will be coming this summer. Please stay tuned for the big shootout!

For more information regarding Forza AudioWorks and the Copper Series IEM cable, please visit their website:

Special thanks to Matt for being such a great guy to interact with!

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2 thoughts on “Forza AudioWorks’ Copper Series IEM Cable”

  1. Great review. May have to check out what these fellow Europeans are offering. Their prices are certainly competitive. This is exactly the sort of company I appreciate.

    Pleeease tell me that you’ll be including a Toxic Cable in your summer round-up? I’m in the midst of writing a multi cable comparison myself, and find them to compare favourably to cables many times their price. If you’re interested in a loan for reviewing purposes – drop me an email. I’m very protective over my gear… but have followed all of you for several years, and respect your opinions.

    I’m a big fan of the site by the way – it’s a great resource – which has influenced several purchase / non-purchase decisions.

    Keep up the good work.


    1. Thanks for the kind words. Yes, FAW’s prices are generous.
      Unfortunately, Toxic will not be included in our round-up. It’s not easy coordinating the movement of multiple cables at once, and at times we also lose communication with manufacturers as well. For example, we lost communication with ALO Audio (probably because they were busy with the Studio Six launch) and had to proceed without them. Luckily, we made up for the loss with other manufacturers. The round-up has been a challenge to coordinate so far, and that’s why it has been somewhat delayed as well. For that, we apologize.


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