News Feed & Updates: June/July

We apologize for the delay in news updates; time has not been on our side these days…


Livezoner41 is an Italian custom in-ear company relatively unknown to the audiophile community, but seems to have an established based with local musicians. Aside from the unique name, it also offers a variety of fascinating custom in-ear designs that seem to be rooted in powerful bass.

Heir Audio has undergone some major personnel changes; co-founder John Moulton (a.k.a. “Wizard”) last month left Heir Audio (and its parent company Micro-DSP) amidst rumors of labor disagreements. Earlier this year, Heir Audio made CYMBACAVUM’s list of Best in the Biz: The Top CIEM Companies in 2013, but now that the face of the company and major driving force for their aesthetic innovations is gone, Heir Audio enters murky waters of uncertainty.

Certainly, Ultimate Ears was able to pick up the pieces after founder Jerry Harvey left and started JH Audio, but UE had the backing of a major company in Logitech in the wake of that split. It remains to be seen how Heir Audio and Micro-DSP will regroup after this fallout. Perhaps more fascinating is where the “Wizard” will end up. Some fans have already begun anticipating a new start-up from Dr. Moulton.


Ryosuke Ito, better known as KumitateK in the Japanese DIY circle, was mentioned in our earlier article, The Biz: CIEM Companies in Japan.

His DIY blog ( for creating and testing in-ear monitors has become more popular in the recent months and his creations have been lauded for their inventiveness. In recent months, he’s been working on the creation of his own company — くみたてLab.

Read about the official announcement (in English) of Kumitate Lab on his blog here.

Kumitate Lab is to be launched in August!
Kumitate Lab is to be launched in August!

Speaking of which, CYMBACAVUM will be working closely with Kumitate Lab for the upcoming RedGiant Remold Project.

The RedGiant A03 Ossicle (review here) was always a very fun and spacious sounding dual dynamic in-ear, but had fit issues with a number of people that tried it. The idea was to take the inner shell of the A03 and remold it into a custom shape that anyone could use, and from there perhaps make some tweaks to the sound of the A03. And the project will be fully documented by Kumitate Lab and CYMBACAVUM for your reading pleasure!

This was a project done solely for curiosity’s sake, and if successful, CYMBACAVUM will try to push the boundaries of remolding technology by working with CustomArt to bring out the first silicone-molded dynamic driver IEM!

CYMBACAVUM also wants to thank the people at RedGiant for providing support for this project; instead of grimacing when being told that we were going to tear their flagship product up and put it in an entirely different housing, they were excited to see new and different experimentation. This is the type of spirit that we like to see in emerging audio companies!

Will it remold? Find out soon!
Will it remold? Find out soon!

Other Updates

The Miniwatt n4 review is almost ready. We apologize for the delay.

The N4 is a new USB DAC/amplifier from Hong Kong’s Miniwatt.

The FiiO X3 was originally intended to be featured here as a preview/quick look type of article, but due to delays and a continually-updated firmware, the X3 will be given a long-term assessment in lieu of a quick review.

Is this the ultimate budge audiophile DAP?
Is this the ultimate budget audiophile DAP?

The Summer Cable Roundup is underway! Featuring cables from:

  • Moon Audio
  • ALO Audio
  • Forza AudioWorks
  • CustomArt
  • plusSound Audio
  • Null Audio Studio
  • Rhapsodio
(Keep in mind that this list may be subject to change due to time and scheduling constraints, but we’ll do our best to try to get everything in!)

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    1. We’ll keep updating the progress as it goes.
      Officially, the DX50 is slated to be launched around August 20 and between $235-279 USD — Let’s assume it’s likely to be on the higher end of that price range.


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