Rapid Rant: Hey, It Fits Well In Your Hand…

What. The. F**k.

$250 for the AK S02 charging stand. Really?

So the zillion percent profit margin isn’t enough?

Please tell me that the leather case came from a kosher slaughter.

So yes, it looks like a the Joint Strike Fighter, and thus the cost must be commensurate, right? Hell, Lockheed Martin might actually do better selling audiophile equipment.

Yes, it sounds buttery smooth — almost borderline dark.

The background is eerily silent.

The volume pot clicks like iDrive on a 750Li (for better or for worse).

The UI is polished indeed, but get this — it does lag.

Yes. It does. But really, in the grand scheme of things, it’s not even that good — really, it’s NOT worth half an SR-009. In a world governed by Sir Jonathan Ive, this thing doesn’t even allow swipe to go back a page.

Maybe it’s the silver spoon that I don’t have in my mouth; fatalistically, I was always bound to hate on it. My position isn’t even that controversial. The price tag makes it an easy target.

One part of me wants to say, “A halo product is a halo product. Let it be.” — but seriously, I don’t feel it is one.

It does sound good, but angels didn’t come to greet me on playback. I know for sure that someone else can build a better-sounding player that gets better output measurements across the board in both the digital and analog domain. I’m just waiting for someone to throw down that gauntlet.

Suddenly, the Chord Hugo is starting to look really appetizing.

It does fit really, really well in my hand, though, and that’s better than what I can say for my F886.

— (Cranky) Mr. T

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3 thoughts on “Rapid Rant: Hey, It Fits Well In Your Hand…”

  1. You forgot to rant about the absolutely anemic battery life. Most reviews report under 9hrs, which to me is downright criminal. Who gives a crap about the sound quality when it barely manages a transnational train ride.

    Seriously, what’s up with all these newfangled DAPs and Android?! It’s the most power-hungry of all smartphone operating systems, suffers from spazziness even on top-end octocore processors, and is generally way too bloated for something as single-minded as a portable audio player. Why not just run plain Linux and mpd, or something like QNX which is popular (for good reason) in the embedded world? Oh, I get it. All the audiophools want swipy UIs and album art in 600 ppi, right?


    1. The player is not built just for audiophiles. It’s also equally built for people with deep pockets who want an expensive DAP because it’s expensive, and because publications say it’s “the best”. Those people want swipey UIs in an Android environment. People with smartphones are usually used to the battery life scourge, and probably carry around a portable battery recharger with them. This device can be recharged in the same way.

      We’re not defending the battery life (or lack thereof), but that’s the rationale. Poor battery life has become the new norm.


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