Audio IEMs

How do you store your earphones?

It’s a poll! (If you can’t find your choice, leave a comment!)


  1. Ten years ago I bought a soft nylon-sided zipper pouch. It can fit two earphones plus tips, though the contents get jumbled. I never put the pouch in a dangerous spot, ever.

    I found that Pelican cases are good for _storing_ earphones for moves, for when your hooligan mates come over, for scuba diving. But in use, they allow earphones to rattle around too much, and take up too much space.

    But then again, I’m the guy with a 2005 iPod shuffle in his coin pocket.


  2. Yes Pelican, but inside a soft pouch to remove the rattle and of course a drycap to make everything moisture-free. 🙂


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