CYMBACAVUM’s new look: why the change

To All My Fellow Audio Geeks,

CYMBACAVUM began over a year and a half ago, basically by accident. I never thought it’d last this long, or that I’d end up solidifying so many friendships and learning new things. It has been a struggle to keep things going here, as the majority of us on the writing roster keep busy schedules — many of us are full-time working professionals, in rigorous academic programs, or both. However, for the love of the hobby, we’ve stuck it out, and we’re so happy to have made it this far, and to have been able to reach so many people all around the globe.

Regarding the change: if there’s one thing I know about websites, it’s that I hate disorganized sites. Things cluttering here and there, every which way. Don’t even get me started about obtrusive ads. The original CYMBACAVUM was simple, and it was easy to find what I wanted to get to, but it wasn’t elegant. Everything also looked and felt sparse, though that was expected as we’d just gotten off the ground.

We went through another redesign late last year, and while it was a powerful template designed by the WordPress team specifically for web magazine use, to me it felt cluttered. Lately, it started feeling a bit long in the tooth, so I decided to switch it up.

CYMBACAVUM is now returning to a cleaner style, reminiscent of the beginning. However, the new format retains many of the features we liked in the second redesign while doing away with extraneous garbage. I hope you all will once again find the site refreshing to look at and will hopefully stay a little longer with each visit.

The featured article carousel now holds up to ten of our most noteworthy articles of the recent months, and below it are three specially featured areas. Currently, we’re highlighting the brand new OHM AIR podcasts from ohm image, Lachlan‘s YouTube channel, and the upcoming ‘Inside Ultimate Ears‘ video series.

Just want the most recent articles, regardless of content type? Just click the ‘LATEST‘ link on the menu bar, or use the other navigation options to get to what you want to read.

We’re continually working on several exciting projects, and are doing our best to deliver the very best content for portable audio there is.

If you’d like to keep up to date on our latest developments, please be sure to like and follow us on our Facebook page ( and/or follow us via Twitter (@cymbacavum), and let us continue in this hobby together!

— Mr. T
Managing Editor of CYMBACAVUM

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Within the Round Window, Between the Helices, Par Excellence.

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