Free Giveaway: RHA T10!!!!

The end of 2014 was a very busy time for us, and to atone for the fact that we’re a bit delayed in getting articles off the ground for the past couple of months, CYMACAVUM is doing a giveaway!

In late October last year, our shotgunshane took the metal injection molded, all stainless steel, Reid Heath Acoustics T10i for a test spin (read the full review here).

RHA brings stainless steel build quality to the sub-$200 price point.

“In a world of ever increasing prices for top-of-the-line earphones, it’s refreshing to see a mid-tier product offer such superb engineering and design, elegant packaging and high quality accessories that rival and often best products many times over more expensive.”

He loved its build quality, design, and accessories kit, and really appreciated the ability to tune the T10i for different sound signatures, but felt that it carried a distinctively bass-first sound signature throughout and suggested that the tuning filters should’ve offered a more dramatic change to the sound. Nevertheless, he’s impressed by what RHA is able to offer for the sub-$200 bracket.

So here’s your chance to experience the RHA T10i yourself! We’re giving away the very pair of T10i we reviewed, still in pristine, barely used condition! (However, please keep in my that this unit will not be covered by the three-year RHA warranty.)

Rules for the Giveaway

  1. Must be 18 years of age or older. International participants are eligible.
  2. Leave a comment at the bottom of our review of the T10i describing what you like about it or what you wish RHA would change about it.
  3. ‘Like’ our Facebook page, and/or ‘Follow’ us on Twitter, and publicly share this giveaway post.

The event has ended.
Thanks to all who participated!

Deadline: January 31st, 2015
One winner will be chosen at random from all eligible participants.
The winner will be announced both on Facebook and on Twitter.

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20 thoughts on “Free Giveaway: RHA T10!!!!”

  1. I really like that its stainless steel, and that it has a mic for making calls, I wish it had a more curved cable to go around the ear, and that the end point on the cable and iem meet would have more flexible cable there. Other than that they’re amazing iem’s.


  2. I am a huge fan of the build quality. The use of the flexible cable for putting it around your ear is better than ear guides in my opinion. The thing I would change is how bassy it is even if you change the filters.


  3. Looks robust with a titanium finish, I didn’t have any IEMs yet. (Hoping this will be my first IEM) hahahaha! Hope the sound quality is directly proportional to its look!


  4. i love the filter set options in tweaking the sound that soothes your ear as well as the spring-covered ‘mouldable’ design for comfortable fit. While the elegantly-designed stainless steel housing of this iem makes it looks well built and aesthetically beautiful..


  5. I heard these bad boys at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest and the sound and build quality is wonderful. They felt like absolute tanks. If there was anything I’d like to see changed is that the cables could be a little bit thinner in order to better accommodate people who wear thicker glasses. But they’re an awesome IEM for sure.


  6. What I like about the RHA T10i is how solidly it is built. From the metal housing and jack, the cables seem thick; they are built to last! I also like how the sound signature can be tuned to liking by changing filters. And the filters are not difficult to change (no tools required). At that price point the features and accessories provided, it is AMAZING.

    However, the thing that I do not like and worries me is the flexible memory wire. Though it would allow it to be mouldable, it seems that it could potentially caused the wires to be clipped if it is not handled properly. The other minus point would be the boulbous ending of the memory wire. Aside from looking awkward, it may move around a lot due to the flexible wire it is dangling from and under its own weight. That may be an annoyance. It would also be lovely if the cables are removeable.

    But again back to the value. At that price, can’t ask for too much. Good job RHA.


  7. The styling is very unique and the interchangeable tuning filters are a great idea. An removable cable would be the only upgrade I would hope for in a future version.


  8. There is another full metal (Al silver colored) in the market. The one that I tried is A Ma Zing! I never experienced such stimulation sounds from any IEM or even some headphones? I remembered that IEM is a 2BA + 1 Dynamic driver. Brand name is raphsodio from Hong Kong. I swapped with my friend for almost a week with my Sony XBA3 at that moment. I still use that Raphsodio as my target soundstage when selecting new IEM! Unfortunately they are so damn expensive, A bit more than a year ago, USD1K???!!!
    Any idea how these two metalic Sexy babies comparison?

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