Cable Round-Up!

Editor’s Note: This is a joint article between shotgunshane, TheDigitalFreak, and Mr. TOur staff has been planning this round-up for over an entire year — it took a long while to make its way around to everybody, but it’s done! It’s finally done! (Admittedly, it was a little bit of a fail…)

We must thank the manufacturers for waiting extremely patiently for this round-up to come out, and we apologize for our mishandling of details. For the portable audiophile, cables are a source of both exploration and headache. We searched the globe for the most interesting offerings from manufacturers both big and small. Unfortunately, a few of these products have now either evolved into better products, or have been discontinued for various reasons. We still hope that this round-up is insightful nevertheless.

Unfortunately, there were some lapses in communication, and we couldn’t maintain contact with all the manufacturers — it shows that we’re a little green at all this, and we do pledge to do better in the future.

An apology in particular goes out to LEAR — we accidentally lost the C2 cable in transit and thus were unable to procure proper photography for the cable, despite its being one of the more preferred cables out of all the ones we tried.

The round-up will consist of the following cables, separated by page.


  • Forza Audioworks – Copper Series IEM Cable (Page 2)

  • PlusSound Audio Exo Series (Page 3)

  • LEAR C2 Cable (Page 4)

  • Rhapsodio NS-C 6N OCC Copper Cable [Discontinued (?)] (Page 5)

  • CustomArt Copper Two [Discontinued] (Page 6)

  • Null Audio Aoede [Discontinued] (Page 7)


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