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Cable Round-Up!

Forza Audioworks

Forza AudioWorks (Website), a company out of Warsaw, Poland, is our first cable feature. Matiz, proprietor of FAW, is an amateur photographer and has a keen eye for aesthetic presentation. Using a mix of high-quality materials but price-conscious sensibility, Matiz has managed to create an IEM cable series that both looks pleasing to the eye and sounds/feels great, topped off by a generous two-year warranty.

Mr. T already took a fairly extensive preview look at the FAW cable here, so please refer to the link for details.

Please note that the Copper Series of IEM cables has since been revised into a Mk. 2 evolution (Link) — instead of the thicker 24 AWG cable, it now uses a thinner 26 AWG sheath but with Litz enamel coating for each copper strand inside. These are all very welcome enhancements to an already great cable. Most peoples’ singular complaint about the FAW Copper Series IEM cable was its thickness, and now the thickness has been pared down to a more common 26 AWG gauge. FAW now also offers the same cable, but with a hybrid mix of copper and silver (Link).

shotgunshane’s Thoughts

I believe this cable is 24 AWG, and is definitely the thickest cable of the roundup.  It really is huge but very attractive. It was braided with a round braid and has decent flexibility for such a large cable; in fact, I’ve seen much stiffer cables of thinner gauge.

The cable texture is pretty smooth and has clear sleeving to see the bright copper wire. I like how the earpiece pins, Y-split, and barrel style connector all have the Forza branding logo.  It makes for a very classy and and stylish look. The neck cinch is clear tubing that disappears and does its job well, without sliding down. The pin connectors are right-angled to give a snug fit over the ear without use of memory wire.  While it looks great, the cable could still move around over my ear occasionally. Overall it did a decent job keeping it in place.

Sound was overall warm and dynamic, keeping in line with my JH13 Pro FreqPhase’s stock cable tuning. While the cable was really beautiful and flexible for its size, in all practicality, I’d prefer to use a thinner cable and reserve something like this more for headphones, but by far this was the most eye pleasing of the roundup.

Evaluation Categories

  • Cable Flexibility – Good
  • Cable Texture (smooth, matte, rough) – Smooth
  • Y-split durability – Very Good
  • Neck Cinch – Very Good
  • Pin Connectors – Excellent
  • Plug Options – Very Good
  • Braid Style – Round


DigitalFreak’s Thoughts

This cable is very well built and quite stylish. The one downside of this cable would be its thickness and if given the choice I would prefer to use a thinner cable.

The workmanship on the cables connector, earpiece pins, and Y-split is excellent. The Y-split is simple plastic tubing and does its job well. Even so, the use of only plastic tubing, in my opinion, detracts from the overall appearance of the cable and cheapens its overall look.

When using the cable I found fit around the back of my ears was acceptable albeit when I was overly active I found myself having to monkey around with the cable due to the neck cinch sliding down thereby compromising a snug fit behind the ear.

Evaluation Categories

  • Cable Flexibility – Average
  • Cable Texture (smooth, matte, rough) – Smooth
  • Y-split durability – Very Good
  • Neck Cinch – Good
  • Pin Connectors – Very Good
  • Braid Style – Round

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