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Rhapsodio — NS-C Copper Cable

Rhapsodio (Website) is another shop out of Hong Kong that specializes with unique partnerships with less visible audio companies in Mainland China. Their hand-made line of custom cables is constantly changing, so much so that we’re not sure if these cables are still available.


shotgunshane’s Thoughts

The Rhapsodio cable has brown nylon sleeving over each of the four wires of the cable.  It maintains similar flexibility, if perhaps giving up a tiny bit to the PlusSound cable. The idea of individually colored nylon sleeved wires is aesthetically pleasing, especially if more color options are available.

At the time of this writing, the Rhapsodio website was not available to confirm options. The Y-split and neck cinch seem to made of some kind of simple acrylic.  While not exactly attractive, it is pretty unobtrusive and practical but durability is questionable.  They are certainly tiny pieces of acrylic! Right angle pin connectors are used, along with a bit of heat shrink to form the bend over the ear. Fit was very snug and never moved during audition.  Plug used seems to be of generic brand with similar looks to Oyaide.  No strain relief is used.

Evaluation Categories

  • Cable Flexibility – Good
  • Cable Texture (smooth, matte, rough) – Matte (nylon)
  • Y-split durability – Poor
  • Neck Cinch – Average
  • Pin Connectors – Good
  • Plug Options – Average
  • Braid Style – Flat


DigitalFreak’s Thoughts

 The lack of strain reliefs was an immediate turn off for me. As such, I can’t help but wonder if this cable can withstand the test of time if used on a daily basis. The Y split is fashioned of what appears to be acrylic and looks rather ugly. Even so, it did its job properly enough but, again, I can’t help but wonder about durability. Fit was very tight around my ears and although there was no movement, even during overly active periods of use, I found the fit rather uncomfortable due to the overly snug fit. This cable is definitely not for me.

Evaluation Categories

  • Cable Flexibility – good
  • Cable Texture (smooth, matte, rough) – Black Nylon
  • Y-split durability – Poor
  • Neck Cinch – Poor
  • Pin Connectors – good
  • Plug Options – good
  • Braid Style – Flat

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