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Cable Round-Up!

Null Audio Studio

This Singaporean audio boutique has been in this cable business for a while. Interestingly, they’re now known more for the custom in-ear monitor brands that they carry, from Advanced AudioWerks (AAW) to Hidition and Rooth.

These cables are now also discontinued, but from our understanding, Null Audio has managed to roll out even more cable products, many of whom are better received than these products.


shotgunshane’s Thoughts

The Null Audio line of cables are all attractive, professional in display and made with similar aesthetics.  This particular model uses silver and gold wire and is the most expensive of their line up. Wire is 26 gauge, yet feels thinner and more flexible than some of the others due to thinner sleeving over the wire.  Above the Y split the sleeving is clear, showing a gold colored wire and below is covered in black nylon sleeving. The Y-split itself is very robust and durable looking.  The pin connectors are similar to Westone Epic pins but again very robust and durable looking and no memory wire is used. The plug appears to be a generic styled Oyaide but other choices are offered on their website. The gold and silver wire seemed to push the midrange forward on my JH13, changing the voicing of the IEM. This was certainly the most obvious change of the round up.  Perhaps this type of change would be desirable in some applications but I preferred the sound of copper on the JH13.

Evaluation Categories

  • Cable Flexibility – Very Good
  • Cable Texture (smooth, matte, rough) – Matte (nylon); Smooth and Shiny
  • Y-split durability – Excellent
  • Neck Cinch – Good
  • Pin Connectors – Good
  • Plug Options – Very Good
  • Braid Style – Unknown (sleeved)

DigitalFreak’s Thoughts

From my understanding, the AoedeAuAg is the flagship cable of Null Audio. I’m impressed with Null Audio in that their workmanship, for the most part seems to be quite good and the appearance of their cables are mostly quite nice to the eye.

The AoedeAuAg is a gold and silver combination and uses 26 gauge wire.  Above the Y-split, the cable is clear sleeving while below the cable is black nylon. I personally like my cable to have a more uniform look, sleeving wise, but that’s just me. The pins look similar to Westone pins and there is no memory used. For plugs Null Audio offers a variety of different plugs. Fit was excellent with this cable, second only to the Cooper Two. The Y split seemed quite solidly built and was unobtrusive. Overall, as a whole this cable appealed to me the most out of all the cables I had on hand. The only niggle I have to mention is I wish there was no clear sleeving, but again, that’s just me.

Evaluation Categories

  • Cable Flexibility – Very Good
  • Cable Texture (smooth, matte, rough) – Smooth Nylon
  • Y-split durability – Excellent
  • Neck Cinch – Very Good
  • Pin Connectors – Good
  • Plug Options – Very Good

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