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Rapid Reaction: VSONIC VSD5 & Final Audio Design Heaven VII (Black)


There’s no point beating around the bush; let me make this point patently clear: the VSD5 is no EX1000. It is nowhere in its realm of existence.

I know. I own an MDR-EX1000. I wrote a tribute to it. It’s possibly the last great Sony earphone.

At first blush, I can see why VSONIC made bold proclamations that the VSD5 was EX1000-esque in its voicing. It possesses a relatively nuanced midrange with great forward projection, as well as less of a bass boost compared to the lower end VSD3 models. Listen deeper, however, and even the most wooden-eared fellow would be able to tell that the VSD5 just isn’t nearly the kind of product that would ever match a former Sony halo product.

The plastic resonance is obvious. The same thin, brittle treble response of the VSD3/S is apparent in the VSD5. The bass, while nicely balanced, is not nearly as tight nor as quick.

Thus, the VSD5 is no giant killer. If you’re looking for a taste of the EX1000, don’t get the VSD5 — go for the real deal. Otherwise, try to wrassle yourself an MDR-EX600 — it’s far more of a poor man’s EX1000 than the VSD5 will ever be. Second-hand prices for an EX600 are likely around the same price as a brand new VSD5.

The VSD5 is a nice-sounding earphone for its price, but is a far cry from the Sony MDR-EX1000.

Final Audio Design Heaven VII

What a pretty earphone.

What a comfortable fit.

What great build and polish.

What a sensible sound signature.

What a deadly price. Then again, there’s also the LAB I…

The seductive black version of the Heaven VII.
The seductive black version of the Heaven VII.

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