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The cymba and the cavum are two anatomical features that make up the concha, one of the main collectors of sound on the external ear.

This site functions as the outlet for disseminating our experiences in audio, mainly discussing high-end portable audio, such as custom in-ear monitors, universal-fit IEMs, digital-to-analog converters (DACs), portable amplifiers, headphones, etc. The name of the blog was chosen because of the blog’s concentration on in-ear monitors.

It will feature mostly thoughts about current/future products as well as the state of personal audio and our authors’ personal journeys through the hobby.

Intermittently, reviews of certain products will also be posted as well. The goal for these reviews is to traverse the divide between the technical aspects of hi-fi and the deeply personal experience at the core of audio.

CYMBACAVUM is independently-funded.

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