About Lachy

I’m Lachlan, a gear geek born in Hong Kong and raised in Australia. I can’t whistle or ride a bike. 

I only really started listening to music relatively late in High School. I’ve been playing catch up ever since, jumping back and forth between genres and decades. I love the thrill of discovery, of finding the catchy, the meaningful and the just plain weird. My philosophy about music and life is: I like what I like! 

My first taste of good portable audio was a pair of Koss KSC35’s and a MiniDisc player. Many, many years and dollars later, I wonder if I should have stuck with that combo – the minidisc still works and the Koss offers a lifetime warranty!


Lachy’s Author Posts
Lachlan also runs the YouTube Channel LachlanLikesAThing, a show where he takes and thing and sees whether or not he likes it.


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