About speakerphone

Speakerphone also runs a personal blog at: http://clarityfidelity.blogspot.kr/

For details about testing methodology, please visit this page.

A few years ago, I was just interested in laptops and smartphones without any knowledge about audio. I then joined SEEKO, at that time known as one of the biggest smartphone/IT device web forums in Korea, at the recommendation of a friend.

There, I quickly found that SEEKO users are not only interested in smartphones but also passionate about headphones and earphones as well. By osmosis, I soon became immersed in the audio world myself — not only about product, but also about electroacoustics, psychoacoustics, etc.

I learned so many things in there, but I knew only real-world experience would satisfy me. So, I tried to make a coupler with a free field microphone, but it didn’t work quite right. In the end, I bought an artificial ear simulator for measurement purposes, and sic erat scriptum.

At first, I didn’t know much about using and analyzing audio, so I asked Seeko administrator about the measurement processes and international standards, going as far as having a phone call with an acoustics expert with a doctorate degree in acoustics and consulting with him. I read books about acoustics and attend seminars, learning more and more.

Yes, I am really into this!

I continue to enjoy SEEKO — where I started this journey — but now I’m also here with CYMBACAVUM for measurements. I think that the most important thing is that all these measurements only serve to let us understand how to listen to good music in the best possible conditions. It’s still about the music in the end.

Yes, we have to remember this.

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