Facebook Updates

We often post interesting links on our CYMBACAVUM Facebook page, so if you haven’t given us a like, give us a thumbs up and you’ll be able to check out our more immediate, quick-hit reactions to the latest developments in our hobby! We’ve selected a few interesting recent posts right here for everyone to check […]

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Letter from the Editor

To all the readers of CYMBACAVUM: We started this site over three years ago out of an ideal vision: that thoughtful, insightful, longform opinions on portable high-end audio can be brought to readers in a fluent, beautiful way. While the site rarely does ‘firsts’ (it’s always slow to review a product, and isn’t the first […]

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Quick Thoughts: Ion by Soranik

Editor’s Note: Our thoughts are based on pre-production, prototype units of the Soranik Ion and may not necessarily be fully indicative of the state of the final production models. Pictures were generously provided by Soranik. In the grand scheme of things, the financial requirements for becoming a custom IEM manufacturer are not all that stringent. […]

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LIFE Acoustics & Kickstarter

Editor’s Note: We tend to publish in bursts. That’s just the way it works when none of us on the writing roster does this for a living — we write when we can, and all of us do it essentially on a volunteer basis. Not having much activity in between these bursts doesn’t mean we’re […]

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