Ultimate Ears Pro Reference Remastered

Editor’s Note: Here’s a comprehensive look at the Ultimate Ears Pro Reference Remastered (UERR), UE’s newest reference product. It’s touted as the successor to the venerable Ultimate Ears Reference Monitor (UERM), a product we love here at CYMBACAVUM. Nearly all of the writers here have the UERM and keep it around as a mainstay reference earpiece. The UERR is supposed to evolve upon the UERM, taking it to new heights. There have been various viewpoints about the UERR; some say it’s a welcome improvement over the UERM and its drawbacks, while others prefer the original. Here, miceblue returns to deliver his take on the UERR. Continue reading Ultimate Ears Pro Reference Remastered

Critical Analysis: 1964|ADEL — Science or Science Fiction?

Editor’s Note: At CYMBACAVUM, we’re constantly trying to bridge science with the wonderful audio experiences we have. @miceblue takes on an scientist’s curiosity to examine Asius Technologies and 1964Ears’ ADEL — how it functions, the scientific principles behind it, and what it might or might not be. Continue reading Critical Analysis: 1964|ADEL — Science or Science Fiction?