iFi Audio iEMatch

Editor’s Note: iFi Audio provided the iEMatch free of charge for the review

What is the iEMatch and why would you need one?

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NocturnaL Audio – Hydra V2 Custom Cable

Editor’s Note: The cable used in this review was purchased at a discounted rate. Continue reading NocturnaL Audio – Hydra V2 Custom Cable

Surfing With The Alien: The Unique Melody Martian

Unique Melody just recently announced the newest edition to its lineup, the Martian- a dual dynamic hybrid, and our friends at MusicTeck have graciously loaned us a sample for this review. Continue reading Surfing With The Alien: The Unique Melody Martian

Standing Tall – The Pinnacle P1

Note: Mee Audio graciously provided the Pinnacle P1 free for review

MEE Audio has been without a flagship for a couple of years, since the discontinuation of the very well received A161p. The A161p was single armature design with a balanced signature leaning to the slightly warm side. The A161p, along with the venerable Audio Technica CK10, were my gateway in-ears into a more neutral frequency response, and accordingly preserve fond memory in my portable audio journey. Consequently, I’ve been looking forward to the day MEE Audio found a worthy replacement at the top of their line-up. The Pinnacle P1 has been over two years in the making, and at $199 msrp, is $100 more than their previous flagship. Can MEE Audio still still remain true to their reputation as one of the better bang for buck manufacturers out there?

P1 and Mezzo Soprano modded AK120
P1 and Mezzo Soprano modded AK120

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Unique Melody: From Miracle to Maestro

Note: MusicTeck graciously provided the Miracle and Maestro samples for review. 

Based in New Jersey, MusicTeck is an official distributor for some of the best-known manufacturers of high-end in-ear monitors, such as Unique Melody, Vision Ears, AAW, InEar and Earsonics to name a few. When they contacted CYMBACAVUM to see if we would be interested in reviewing two of Unique Melody’s in-ear monitors: the Miracle and the Maestro, of course we jumped at the opportunity.

Links to MusicTeck, their store and Unique Melody are located at the end of the review.

Miracle coiled
Unique Melody Miracle with stock cable

Introducing the Unique Melody Miracle and Maestro

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Perfect Seal AR6: Ambiance and Reference Defined

Note: Perfect Seal graciously provided the AR6 in this review.

Perfect Seal LabPS logooratories, based in Wichita Kansas, is a relatively new company in the increasingly popular custom in-ear market. The company is run by Mike Martinez, and while Perfect Seal might be new to the Head-Fi community, Mike is certainly not new to the industry. He previously worked for an early industry lab that made monitors for Sensaphonics and Fireside, in which everything was dynamic driver based at that time.

Before getting into the model being reviewed here, I wanted to share a Q&A I recently had with Mike, so he can shed a light on the Perfect Seal team and how he approaches the tunings that make up the Perfect Seal line-up:

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For Those About to Rock, Ortofon e-Q8 and Grado GR10e, We Salute You

Editor’s Note: Both the Ortofon e-Q8 and Grado GR10e were personal purchases by shotgunshane.

There’s nothing quite like a loud, stadium filling, uproarious rock anthem. Growing up in the 70’s and coming of age in the 80’s, I regarded rock as a staple, if not a way of life: AC/DC, Van Halen, Kiss, Journey, Bad Company, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Bon Jovi, and the list goes on and on…

Oh, how I miss the age of the arena rock star, but I digress! Having grown up in the era of guitar-driven rock, metal, glam and southern rawk — I always pay close attention to distortion guitar tone, crunch, and bite when evaluating in-ears and headphones. Continue reading For Those About to Rock, Ortofon e-Q8 and Grado GR10e, We Salute You