Ultimate Ears Pro Reference Remastered

Editor’s Note: Here’s a comprehensive look at the Ultimate Ears Pro Reference Remastered (UERR), UE’s newest reference product. It’s touted as the successor to the venerable Ultimate Ears Reference Monitor (UERM), a product we love here at CYMBACAVUM. Nearly all of the writers here have the UERM and keep it around as a mainstay reference […]

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LIFE Acoustics & Kickstarter

Editor’s Note: We tend to publish in bursts. That’s just the way it works when none of us on the writing roster does this for a living — we write when we can, and all of us do it essentially on a volunteer basis. Not having much activity in between these bursts doesn’t mean we’re […]

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LH Labs Verb: Indefensibly Bad

LH Labs, a subsidiary of ultra high-end audio company Light Harmonic (maker of the $20,000 Da Vinci DAC), has wafted massive ripples across the personal audio industry over the last couple of years. With their seminal Kickstarter campaign for the pocket-sized DAC/amp the Geek Out, they popularized crowdfunding as a viable option for audiophile products, […]

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Electroacoustic Measurements from speakerphone

Editor’s Announcement: Ladies and gentlemen, we have great news to announce — CYMBACAVUM will now provide in-house acoustic measurements! Our newest contributor is speakerphone; he has been running his own acoustic measurement blog, http://clarityfidelity.blogspot.kr/, but will be partnering with us to deliver measurement results on select items featured on this website. Occasionally, he will also […]

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