Rapid Reaction: Astell&Kern x JH Audio Layla

Layla is the latest and greatest entry into what Jerry Harvey has dubbed his ‘Siren Series’ of in-ear monitor offerings, named after women featured in famous rock songs. As the flagship of the series, JH Audio markets her as a mastering reference tool. Bass-adjustable, Layla comes equipped with a cable integrated with an adjustable bass…

Rapid Reaction: Cowon Plenue P1

** UPDATED 2014/08/22 ** (scroll to bottom) If I had to boil my thoughts down to two words to describe the Cowon Plenue P1, it’d be: artificial analog. Sounds like it’s a bad thing, huh? Well, I don’t know. I really don’t, I swear.

Rapid Reaction: Calyx M

Everyone wants in on the DAP game these days, and the supply chain for lower power, high quality D/A conversion is easier than ever to tap into, and it seems like every hi-fi equipment manufacturer in China and Korea is releasing something within the next 18 months, setting high-end portable audio ablaze. With so many…

Rapid Reaction: InEar SD2 (+More?)

InEar Kommunikationstechnik is a German hearing aid and preservation company; its stage monitoring arm is headed by one Marco Raemisch. They’ve been in the custom IEM game for a while, but recently released two universal models under the StageDiver line. I got to hear the dual-driver version, the StageDiver 2. There is a triple driver StageDiver…

Rapid Reaction: EarSonics SM64

Editor’s Note: Sorry about the poor picture quality — I only had my old Nexus One with me when I listened to it. I got to take a quick listen to the new EarSonics SM64 (version 1, not 2) universal-fit in-ear monitor.