LIFE Acoustics & Kickstarter

Editor’s Note: We tend to publish in bursts. That’s just the way it works when none of us on the writing roster does this for a living — we write when we can, and all of us do it essentially on a volunteer basis. Not having much activity in between these bursts doesn’t mean we’re not working behind the scenes. After all, CYMBACAVUM is not purely a review platform; we seek not only to identify folks doing good work within the audio community, but also to push for ever better standards of performance. We may never be the first to “review” something, but we always strive to be the most insightful.
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Quick Thoughts: Custom Art Music Two, Revisited

Editor’s Note: When shotgunshane reviewed the Music Two last March (read the review), he thought it was incredible value for money. A bit later, Mr. T also took the plunge, this time with removable cables. Mr. T considers Custom Art’s Piotr Granicki a personal friend and thus may be partial to the Polish company’s products, but promises utmost confidence in the firm’s technical capabilities, attention to build, and customer service. Continue reading Quick Thoughts: Custom Art Music Two, Revisited

Sonion’s AcuPass Technology: Making Things Easier for Everyone

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In the world of premium earphones, while many manufacturers around the world are able to design and manufacture dynamic, moving coil transducers, the supply of balanced armature technology to earphone manufacturers around the world is essentially a two-horse race between the US-based Knowles Electronics and Netherlands’ Sonion SA.

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CustomArt Music Two

CustomArt is a new outfit out of Poland that specializes in silicone-molded custom IEMs.

CustomArt is a relatively new player in the custom in-ear monitor (CIEM) market, specializing in silicone CIEMs, remolds of customs and universals, universal custom tips and custom made cables.

At the helm of CustomArt is Piotr Granicki (also known as piotrus-g, or Peter on Peter is a personable, easy going and patient man, who won’t hesitate to answer all the varying questions a prospective customer might have.

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