Knowles, industry leader in BA design and production, teaches us about IEM design & tuning

Andrew Bellavia (Twitter) of Knowles Corporation gave a talk at AES@NAMM 2018 last month on the 27th of January and went into depth about the acoustic science behind in-ear monitors and multiple balanced armature acoustic design.
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iFi Audio iEMatch

Editor’s Note: iFi Audio provided the iEMatch free of charge for the review

What is the iEMatch and why would you need one?

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Unique Melody: From Miracle to Maestro

Note: MusicTeck graciously provided the Miracle and Maestro samples for review. 

Based in New Jersey, MusicTeck is an official distributor for some of the best-known manufacturers of high-end in-ear monitors, such as Unique Melody, Vision Ears, AAW, InEar and Earsonics to name a few. When they contacted CYMBACAVUM to see if we would be interested in reviewing two of Unique Melody’s in-ear monitors: the Miracle and the Maestro, of course we jumped at the opportunity.

Links to MusicTeck, their store and Unique Melody are located at the end of the review.

Miracle coiled
Unique Melody Miracle with stock cable

Introducing the Unique Melody Miracle and Maestro

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Jomo Audio 6R

Note: About three months ago, we were contacted by Joseph from Jomo Audio regarding a review of his newest reference flagship, the 6R. The unit in this review was provided free of charge.


The CIEM business, at least to the general public, is much more of a niche circle compared to universal IEMs or headphones. That might explain why CIEM makers are more rare compared to IEM makers. Yet, every year, more and more companies dive into the business. As a consumer, it’s a welcoming phenomenon, as it means the market gets more diverse and competitive with the addition of new companies.

Jomo Audio is a fairly new company based in Singapore. They’ve been around for over a year, but they haven’t really received much attention outside of Singapore. In Singapore, they’re known for great value CIEMs, and their prices do tend to be typically less than the more costly UE or JH Audio products that their products can compete sonically.

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Perfect Seal AR6: Ambiance and Reference Defined

Note: Perfect Seal graciously provided the AR6 in this review.

Perfect Seal LabPS logooratories, based in Wichita Kansas, is a relatively new company in the increasingly popular custom in-ear market. The company is run by Mike Martinez, and while Perfect Seal might be new to the Head-Fi community, Mike is certainly not new to the industry. He previously worked for an early industry lab that made monitors for Sensaphonics and Fireside, in which everything was dynamic driver based at that time.

Before getting into the model being reviewed here, I wanted to share a Q&A I recently had with Mike, so he can shed a light on the Perfect Seal team and how he approaches the tunings that make up the Perfect Seal line-up:

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The Empire Strikes Back: Empire Ears Line-up Overview

Editor’s Note: shotgunshane was able to get a 10-day loan of the Empire Ears’ universal lineup; read the introduction, or jump straight to sound impressions

By now most of you have probably heard of EarWerkz , perhaps from one of our reports on the company (read more) and their previous flagship Legend CIEM (read more); many of you might even be owners of an EarWerkz product as I am.

But in case you didn’t know, I’m sad to report, EarWerkz is no more; but before you shed tears and scream to the audio gods, “Why hath thou forsaken me!”, you should know that Jack and team are back for the attack, this time as Empire Ears. The King is dead, long live the King! Continue reading The Empire Strikes Back: Empire Ears Line-up Overview

The Biz: E-Earphone’s CIEM Store in Akihabara, Tokyo

Founded by an Osakan man with a full head of hair and a hope to spread the spirit of porta-fi to the masses, E-Earphone is one of Japan’s premier personal audio store chains, with storefronts in both Tokyo and Osaka metropolises.

Its aisles upon aisles of headphones and earphones are famed to the enthusiast community, and when the CIEM specialty store opened its doors last August, Nathan of OHM Image and Headfonia went to take a look (link). This glowing report of toys abound convinced me that it had to be a must-see stop while I was on vacation in Tokyo last month. Continue reading The Biz: E-Earphone’s CIEM Store in Akihabara, Tokyo