Dynamic Ear Company’s ambient filters: the audiophile’s perspective

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Standing Tall – The Pinnacle P1

Note: Mee Audio graciously provided the Pinnacle P1 free for review

MEE Audio has been without a flagship for a couple of years, since the discontinuation of the very well received A161p. The A161p was single armature design with a balanced signature leaning to the slightly warm side. The A161p, along with the venerable Audio Technica CK10, were my gateway in-ears into a more neutral frequency response, and accordingly preserve fond memory in my portable audio journey. Consequently, I’ve been looking forward to the day MEE Audio found a worthy replacement at the top of their line-up. The Pinnacle P1 has been over two years in the making, and at $199 msrp, is $100 more than their previous flagship. Can MEE Audio still still remain true to their reputation as one of the better bang for buck manufacturers out there?

P1 and Mezzo Soprano modded AK120
P1 and Mezzo Soprano modded AK120

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Etymotic MK5: Isolator, Reborn.

If you’ve been in this portable audio hobby for any length of time, then you’re aware of Etymotic Research. The Ilinois company, founded by Dr. Mead Killion, is legendary. Its flagship ER4 models (of which there are three variants) are a true mainstay in any portable listener’s collection. It has been tested and verified both by professionals and hobbyists alike to be amongst the most accurate sounding in-ears, decades running. Continue reading Etymotic MK5: Isolator, Reborn.