iFi Audio iEMatch

Editor’s Note: iFi Audio provided the iEMatch free of charge for the review

What is the iEMatch and why would you need one?

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Estron Linum SUPER BaX – Super Thin, Redefined

Editor’s Note: Estron provided the Linum SUPER BaX 2Pin Balanced prototype in this review, originally for internal feedback purposes.

Last September, I had the opportunity to test and review the upcoming Estron Linum Balanced BaX in-ear monitor cable (read review here). Since then, I’ve had opportunity to own a few single-ended Linum BaX cables that came as options with various custom in-ears I’ve purchased this past year. Linum cables are some of the thinnest, if not the thinnest, in-ear monitor cables on the market. They’re great for their light weight on the ear and almost invisible in use. However, there has been one big, consistent knock on them: The Tangles! Continue reading Estron Linum SUPER BaX – Super Thin, Redefined

More on the EarSonics SM64

Editor’s Note: Mr. T made some very short comments on the SM64 a few months ago when it first came out; here, TheDigitalFreak fleshes out his thoughts on the SM64…

The EarSonics SM64 earphone is one interesting piece of kit. The French company, known for keeping its production line within France (instead of outsourcing to China) started to turn heads a few years ago when they released the triple-driver SM3, designed to compete against the likes of (then) flagship models like the Westone UM3X, Shure SE530, etc.

It was quite well-received by the market, but, as with all products, had areas that needed addressing and further tweaking. This year, EarSonics released the SM64 as their flagship model, supplanting the SM3 at the top of the food chain. Continue reading More on the EarSonics SM64

Heir Audio Tzar 350: High Impedance Ivan

A couple of months ago, I bought the Heir Audio Tzar 350.

Having bought the custom Heir Audio 4.A just a year ago, I was very satisfied with Heir Audio’s level of build quality and customer service, both amongst the very best in the high-end portable audio industry. Their push for high-impedance IEMs was also very unique, and something that I’d been hoping for.

The ‘Tzar” line of Heir Audio universal in-ear monitors comes in two different flavors: the Tzar 90 and the Tzar 350. Since the Tzar 350 is the higher impedance version and the one noted to be the flatter of the two, I decided to purchase the 350. Continue reading Heir Audio Tzar 350: High Impedance Ivan

News Feed: Early February

Unique Melody is working on a triple-dynamic custom in-ear monitor. I guess they’re really trying to look for a unique product in the increasingly-crowded CIEM segment.To me, though, it feels gimmicky. Continue reading News Feed: Early February

TDK BA200 | Back to Black

Editor’s Note: When I first wrote about the TDK TH-ECBA200BBK over a year ago, it was an unknown quantity. Few people had access to it, so its popularity didn’t catch on until much later in the year, when it began selling in retail locations worldwide. While it’s definitely one of the best dual balanced armature universal IEMs available on the market, it is unfortunately, still a bit of a dark horse compared to the popular offerings from Shure, Westone, and Ultimate Ears. I was immensely happy with it, however, especially when I picked it up for less than $140, which was a price basically unheard of a dual BA IEM. It is now known that the BA200 actually used groundbreaking AcuPass technology from Sonion to achieve its target response. You can read CYMBACAVUM‘s analysis of AcuPass and its benefits here.

It seems like every manufacturer wants a piece of the headphone market these days. Blame the iPod perhaps, for putting a digital music player in the hands of every man, woman, and child. Then blame Dr. Dre, whose Monster (well, no longer) marketing machine altered the status of the premium headphone — from audiophile plaything to trendy status symbol. No longer are in-ear monitors merely analytical tools for recording engineers; they’re now tuned with every type of ear in mind, and originate from more manufacturers than you can shake your DAP at. Whatever the culprit, there’s no denying that headphones and earphones these days come in every color imaginable – grapity purple, wildberry blue, orangey orange, lemony yellow, and even raspberry red.

However, I want to concentrate on only one color: BLACK.

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