LIFE Acoustics & Kickstarter

Editor’s Note: We tend to publish in bursts. That’s just the way it works when none of us on the writing roster does this for a living — we write when we can, and all of us do it essentially on a volunteer basis. Not having much activity in between these bursts doesn’t mean we’re not working behind the scenes. After all, CYMBACAVUM is not purely a review platform; we seek not only to identify folks doing good work within the audio community, but also to push for ever better standards of performance. We may never be the first to “review” something, but we always strive to be the most insightful.
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LH Labs Verb: Indefensibly Bad

LH Labs, a subsidiary of ultra high-end audio company Light Harmonic (maker of the $20,000 Da Vinci DAC), has wafted massive ripples across the personal audio industry over the last couple of years. With their seminal Kickstarter campaign for the pocket-sized DAC/amp the Geek Out, they popularized crowdfunding as a viable option for audiophile products, spurring a bunch of follow-up campaigns in the Geek Pulse and Geek Wave, as well as campaigns by other companies. Continue reading LH Labs Verb: Indefensibly Bad

Aurisonics Rockets: Up, Up, and Away!

Editor’s Note: shotgunshane is a fan of Aurisonics and has been to their Nashville headquarters. Mr. T envisions a projectile trajectory with the Rockets. This a brief hive-mind amalgamation of their thoughts on these ‘Made in USA’ products.

Aurisonics was one of the first personal audio companies to run a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. Boasting titanium housings milled from a high-end multi-axis lathe, nearly indestructible kevlar-reinforced cables with a gazillion pounds of pull strength, and IP65 waterproofing, the Rockets were built for durability and made to withstand both active and destructive people. Continue reading Aurisonics Rockets: Up, Up, and Away!

Live Event: PONO Music, Kickstarter, and High-Resolution Music

CYMBACAVUM is going live on YouTube!

Join Lachlan and Tom for a discussion and Q&A session on the PONO Music Player, its Kickstarter campaign, and its possible ramifications on the future of high-resolution music!

The event has ended. Please join us next time!

News Feed & Updates: September/October

In order to make our news updates simpler and faster to write (our writers don’t always have a lot of time), we’re in the process of integrating our Facebook Page more deeply into our system. Let us know what you think of our new system — we always appreciate feedback!

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