The long path to a flagship: a conversation with DUNU

We have a conversation with DUNU on the trials and tribulations of creating a flagship in-ear monitor.


For Those About to Rock, Ortofon e-Q8 and Grado GR10e, We Salute You

Editor's Note: Both the Ortofon e-Q8 and Grado GR10e were personal purchases by shotgunshane. There’s nothing quite like a loud, stadium filling, uproarious rock anthem. Growing up in the 70’s and coming of age in the 80’s, I regarded rock as a staple, if not a way of life: AC/DC, Van Halen, Kiss, Journey, Bad …

The Empire Strikes Back: Empire Ears Line-up Overview

Editor's Note: shotgunshane was able to get a 10-day loan of the Empire Ears' universal lineup; read the introduction, or jump straight to sound impressions... By now most of you have probably heard of EarWerkz , perhaps from one of our reports on the company (read more) and their previous flagship Legend CIEM (read more); …